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Year 7 pupils sat in a Maths lesson
Years 7-8

Years 7-8

We are known for being a progressive school and our unique, highly beneficial Stonar Diploma for pupils in Years 7-8 is a testament to that.

The Stonar Diploma

Pupils work towards the Diploma, developing a portfolio of their best work of which they can be proud. This process challenges pupils to make the very most of their early years in Senior School and to develop team-working and leadership skills. They are expected to get involved and participate widely in school life, making the most of the opportunities available to them inside and outside of school.

The pupils’ portfolios demonstrate a wide variety of achievements - not only academic - but also public speaking, adventure training and creative and performing arts, in addition to outside interests and hobbies.

Following a formal presentation of portfolios and achievements at the end of Year 8, pupils are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze Diplomas.


Pupils are challenged to develop team-working and leadership skills."

Theme-based Curriculum

Thematic learning helps children to learn in a meaningful way that is relevant to their own lives and is a natural progression from Primary school - whether here at Stonar or from elsewhere. 

In Year 7, the three themes (one per term) are Identity, Structure, and Relationships. Pupils in Year 8 focus on Change, Communication, and Discovery.

Personalised Approach

With small class sizes of 15 on average, your child will benefit from a calm classroom environment and a high degree of personal attention. This means that pupils of all abilities are stretched and supported on an individual basis to achieve their potential. 

Each week, pupils meet with their personal tutor to hone their study skills, analyse their work and reflect on their learning in the wider context of world current affairs, career paths and the environment; Stonar pupils have a global perspective.

Two Year 7 pupils sat smiling

Transition from Year 6


Year 9 debating in the school hall

Year 9


Year 11 pupils sat in an English class

Years 10-11