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Male teacher at the front of the class explaining a concept to pupils seated at their desks

Academic Overview

Small class sizes and naturally caring relationships between staff and pupils are at the heart of the academic experience here.

Pupils can expect to work hard and be set challenging targets. They can expect the tailored support needed to ensure a positive cycle of achievement. We work in partnership with parents to give all the help, support and encouragement that is needed to ensure each individual achieves their potential.

Year 11 Pupil in Maths lesson


Pupils make excellent progress, enabled by teaching that treats them as individuals."

ISI Report



In 2021, Stonar was rated in the top 1% of schools for value-added for GCSE, with pupils achieving a grade and a half better at GCSE compared to peers of the same ability nationally.

Over the past decade, Stonar has consistently scored in the top 10% of schools for added-value in an independent study of over 400 schools and 10,000 pupils. Stonar pupils make exceptional progress, with an average 0.5-1 uplift in grades achieved against predictions measured at the start of Year 10.

You can find more in-depth information on results, plus university destinations here.

All thanks to the support of the staff at Stonar! Since Reception, everyone at the school has worked tirelessly to do the best for Ysobel. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved and the quality of education you provide."

Stonar Parent 

Two Year 7 pupils sat smiling

Transition from Year 6


Year 7 class

Years 7-8


Year 9 debating in the school hall

Year 9


Year 11 pupils sat in an English class

Years 10-11