Welcome from the Head of Prep
Stonar school

Welcome from the Head of Prep

Stonar school

At Stonar Preparatory School we aim to develop confident and independent pupils, who are well prepared for the next stage of their education, by providing every individual with academic challenge and excellent pastoral care in a secure environment.

In order for children to develop academically, it is crucial that they understand the learning process. We help the children to break down their learning into knowledge, skills and understanding and teach them the importance of a growth mindset.

Everything begins with the Prep School ‘personal goals’ of which there are nine attributes including:

CooperationInternational MindednessRespect

Learning is explicitly focussed on these qualities and learning dispositions; they are integral to what we do at Stonar, underpinning personal development. Each child gradually learns to become independent by starting to take responsibility for their own learning, behaviour and progress.

We grow confidence and solid self-belief by encouraging pupils to experience a wide range of opportunities. Our children throw themselves into everything they do, both in the classroom and through other activities such as plays, concerts and sports teams, and reap the rewards accordingly.

Mark Brain
Head of Prep



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