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York Boarding House

Welcome to York

The most modern of all our boarding houses, York encourages more independence and responsibility in preparation for life beyond school. Home to around 30 Sixth Form girls, York is situated behind the Health and Wellbeing Centre, a minute's walk away from the main school building. 

Distinct from our other boarding houses, York has bedrooms around the outside and a private courtyard garden in the centre for relaxation, quiet study and summer barbecues. Bedrooms are either shared or single and are designed as study bedrooms, encouraging a focused atmosphere.  

Although everyone is working hard, York boarders still like to have fun. In addition to the common room, a large social area with a bar (The Ancient Library Club) is open within the boarding house at weekends and on special occasions. There are many trips, meals out and takeaways, plus the infamous York House Christmas party. There is a good mix between work and play, meaning everyone gets the most out of their final years at school. 

Sixth Form offers more privileges and freedom but also more independent study and self-discipline. York reflects this and aims to foster self-reliant, happy young adults. Whether a student has progressed throughout Stonar or is a new starter, when joining the House, students explore more independence as they prepare for life after School, with help and guidance never far away. The atmosphere of support and inspiration encourages students to bring out the best in each other, celebrating personal and others' success. The hard-working atmosphere and varied ambitions of students help everyone prepare for the next stage of their lives.  

Alongside the support of the Houseparent team, another key member of staff involved in York boarding is Mrs Charlotte Bennett, who is Head of Sixth Form. She regularly visits York and is on hand to offer advice, guidance, care and encouragement through the triumphs and challenges that everyone experiences during their A Levels. She provides this in addition to the daily support provided by the Sixth Form mentors. 

The atmosphere of support and inspiration encourages students to bring out the best in each other, celebrating personal and others' success."

Meet The Houseparent: Lisa Seward 

Mrs Seward graduated from Chichester University with a BSc Hons and MSc in Sports and Exercise Science. She joins Stonar this academic year and will also be an integral member of the Sports Department. 

Mrs Seward has worked in secondary education and lived in Bath for fifteen years, along with being an experienced Boarding Houseparent. She understands the value in making York House feel like a warm, welcoming home from home environment and will take time to really get to know members of the House to ensure they feel supported academically and pastorally.

Mrs Seward also knows the importance of ensuring a good range of experiences for boarders from all over the world to engage in, which creates a real sense of community spirit. She is passionate about facilitating a balance, of academic rigour alongside time to relax, unwind and have fun. This is what makes boarding at York so wonderful in preparing students for transition beyond Sixth Form study.

Mrs Seward lives at Stonar with her husband, Chris, son William, their cat Mog and rather adorable labrador Cass who is always keen for attention and food!

The York house staff are like our mentors and house mummies! Whenever there is a problem with boarding, the academic life, the food or family and friends, they are always there for you to support


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