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Boys football game at boarding house
Arrivals and Departures

Arrival and Departure Information

End of Summer Term 2022 / Start of Autumn Term 2022

All boarding families, based in the UK or overseas, are required to complete the Holiday Form to confirm their departure times and flight details (where relevant), as well as information on their planned return to School. 

It is now too late to book school transport for the end of the summer term.

Holiday Form


The summer term ends at 3.00pm on Friday 8 July.

Those who have finished external exams may leave before this date, having first gained permission from the Head. Please email to ask permission.

Those with long journeys may leave earlier in the day or even a day early (having first gained permission to do so from the Head). Please email to ask permission.

It is not possible for boarders to leave between the hours of 10.00pm and 6.30am, as it's too disruptive for the boarding houses.  Anyone wanting to leave between these hours will be asked to leave before 10.00pm and stay overnight with their UK guardian before travelling.

Start of Term September 2022 

New boarders are requested to arrive at 2:00pm on Sunday 4 September. 

Returning boarders should aim to return between 4.00pm and 10.00pm on Sunday 4 September.

Arrivals after 10.00pm are not permitted. In the case of evening flight arrivals, you must stay with your UK guardian and come to school the next day.

Useful Contact Details

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