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Boys football game at boarding house
Arrivals and Departures

Arrival and Departure Information

Summer Term - May Half Term 2023

All boarding families, based in the UK or overseas, are required to complete the Holiday Form to confirm their holiday plans.
School transport can also be booked via this form up to 9.00pm on Sunday 14 May.

Holiday FOrm

Boarders leave: Friday, 26 May

The half term holidays officially begin at 16:00 on Friday, 26 May and the boarding houses will close at 18:00.

Boarders with long journeys may leave earlier in the day if they are restricted by flight availability but not before 06.00.  The boarding houses will close at 18.00 and any remaining students will be asked to gather in a central location until they depart.  No one is allowed to leave school after 22:00 as this is too disruptive to the boarding houses. 

Boarders return: Sunday 4 June

Boarders should arrive between 14:00 and 22:00

Boarding houses close for the night at 22:00.  No one is permitted to arrive after this time.
If you cannot arrive before 22:00 we ask that you stay overnight with your UK guardian the day before to allow you to return in time for the start of term on Monday 5 June.

Useful Contact Details

York Boarding House

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Hart boarding house exterior

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Exterior of Ganbrook girls boarding house

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