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Stonar hosts annual Globeducate Student Leadership Summit

Stonar hosts annual Globeducate Student Leadership Summit
  • Globeducate Events

Stonar School was delighted to host the Globeducate Student Leadership Summit this month (October), welcoming 34 students from 13 Globeducate from across the globe, including Canada, Italy, France and Spain. 

The annual event brings together senior students in leadership roles at their schools, for a packed timetable of seminars, presentiations, and interactive activities on topics such as public speaking, communication and problem solving. 

On day one, the group learned about the different leadership roles, as described by Belbin, and then took the Belbin test to see what leadership characteristics they possessed. They then put their leadership into practice with a variety of a fun and challenging teamwork activities. Although not all teams were successful in their outcomes, they certainly learned about the importance of matching leadership attributes to the nature of the task. The afternoon saw further work and reflection on leadership characteristics and then a more light-hearted session was run on personal presentation and etiquette. 

On the second day, the group stayed in Bath, learning about communication and public speaking skills and were tasked to research and guide a section of a tour of the city, taking in all the main historic sites. They did a fantastic job!

The final day saw pupils taking part in a workshop on leadership styles. Following this, the group was tasked to create a presentation on an iconic leader of their choice, which included the knowledge they had gained about leadership styles and characteristics. They all presented with confidence and skill. 

Matthew Way, Stonar's Headmaster, said: "It was fantastic to see pupils from around the world gather here at Stonar and really get involved with the Student Leadership Summit. I was impressed with the level of engagement from all of the attendees and I truly believe that pupils left with a better understanding of the role of a leader and the confidence to be more effective as leaders in their own schools, and in society in the future.

"Events like these are perhaps the most valuable because they provide an opportunity for pupils to spend time with young people their age from across the world and to share their ideas and experiences with each other, breaking down barriers, stereotypes and broadening thinking and awareness.

"All of the Globeducate events and opportunities that we participate in help staff and pupils alike to be able to broaden our horizons beyond those that we see everyday, and help to prepare each of our pupils to be global citizens, who can shape the world."