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On average, Stonar pupils achieve a grade or more higher at GCSE than pupils of the same ability nationwide. 

For over a decade, Stonar has been placed in the top 5% of all participating schools in the country for our ‘value-added’ achievements. The differential between a pupil’s expected grades and the grades achieved at GCSE and A Level is referred to as ‘value-added’.  Rather than relying solely on exam results, they take account of where each pupil started and the progress they made relative to other, similar pupils. Using CEM(Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring), one of the largest providers of formative assessments, schools collect baseline data from their pupils which can be used to measure their progress as they advance through their Senior School years. 

In our 2021 results Stonar’s GCSE pupils gained an average value-added score of +1.5 grades per subject, per pupil, placing the School in the top 1% of 400 schools nationwide. In 2020, our A level students gained 0.8 above predictions (equating to the top 2.5% nationally of CEM schools).     

We know that part of what is captured by value-added figures reflects the genuine impact of a teacher on pupils’ learning, combined with an academic environment that brings out the best in each pupil and the hard working ethos of our pupils.