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Sixth form pupil and teacher discussing lesson
ISI Report and Reviews

ISI Inspection Report and Reviews

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) described Stonar as ‘Excellent’ - the highest possible rating - in an inspection report published in October 2018, which praises pupils’ excellent academic progress and outstanding social development.

The three-day inspection took place in October 2018 and focused on two key outcomes: academic achievement and personal development. Inspectors observed every aspect of school life including lessons, assemblies, tutorial sessions, boarding and extracurricular activities. They also conducted formal interviews with pupils and met staff from across the school.

The key findings of the report, listed below, speak for themselves and are a fantastic testimonial to the high-calibre teaching and support that pupils receive.  

Read the full isi report

Read the 2023 regulatory compliance report

Read the 2024 Material Change Inspection Report


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Senior pupils in a lesson
The quality of pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent.
  • Pupils of all ages have excellent attitudes to learning and are hard-working, positive and resilient learners.

  • Pupils achieve very well academically across all curriculum areas.

  • Pupils with SEND and/or EAL achieve highly as a result of the support that they receive.

  • Pupils make excellent progress, enabled by teaching that treats them as individuals.

Three Year 8 pupils sat on the grass together
The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent.
  • Pupils are confident, highly considerate and respectful towards others.

  • Pupils have a naturally collaborative approach that benefits their ability to develop problem- solving skills.

  • Pupils’ social development is outstanding, enhanced by their excellent relationships with teachers.

It is clear from reading the report that Stonar offers pupils of all ages a superb educational experience. We are absolutely delighted to have received such a tremendous endorsement of the work of Stonar.  I would like to thank all our staff, pupils and parents for their contributions to the success of the school.

Former Head, Dr Sally Divall commented at the time