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Eco Schools

Stonar Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools is the world´s largest sustainability education programme and Stonar has achieved the coveted “Green Flag” status. 

After signing up in 2020, Stonar achieved full Eco-Schools status in May 2021. As part of the Globeducate network - and like our sister schools across the world - we prepare our pupils to become global citizens who can shape the world. Achieving Eco-School status is aligned to this. 

An Eco-Schools committee for this pupil-led initiative worked collaboratively with the Stonar community to put in place initiatives and communicate the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. This resulted in the achievement of the coveted “Green Flag”. Stonar is committed to this being an ongoing focus of activity within the school and broader community .

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Plastic Free Day Challenge:

encouraging families to grow their own vegetables, to visit zero waste shops, to use only reusable bottles and to have milk delivered in recyclable glass bottles.

Meat Free Challenge:

a meat free day was held in school, launched by an inspiring assembly given by members of Eco Committee and supported by the production of a vegetarian recipe book to encourage participation.

Make the Switch Campaign:

members of the Eco Committee team researched green energy companies and shared information with the school community, encouraging them to switch to a green energy provider at home.

In addition, pupils have participated in several WWF events including:
  • Our Planet’s Future Summit

  • Saving Our Planet Webinar

  • Our Planet, Our Business Webinar


As well as taking part in the following initiatives which have been communicated by the Eco Committee to the whole school community through weekly bulletins:
  • The whole school community, from nursery to 6th form, has participated in “The World’s Largest Lesson” to learn about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • We participated in a Global Climate Strike, replacing usual lessons to listen instead to the more pressing message from David Attenborough in his programme, “Climate Change: The Facts.”

  • Promoting the reduction of single-use plastics by getting rid of plastic sachets and reducing the use of cling film in the kitchens

  • Gardening club are growing their own herbs, vegetables and flowers

  • Launching a “switch off” campaign, encouraging everyone to avoid energy wastage both at home and at school

Being on the Eco Committee is a great way of making a positive change in our school community. The Green Flag award is recognition of all the hard work the committee has done this year and hopefully it will inspire many other pupils in the school to continue the good work that has been started."


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